We are a leading manufacturing company pioneering in delivering high-quality products across diverse industries. With a strong focus on innovation and expertise, we provide exceptional manufacturing solutions that drive growth.

Industries we disrupt

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Space and Aviation

Expert manufacturing solutions for the space and aviation industry, providing high-quality components and advanced engineering capabilities to meet industry demands.


Trusted manufacturer of automotive components, offering innovative solutions, precision engineering, and reliable production capabilities to support the automotive industry’s needs.

Real Estate

Comprehensive manufacturing services for the real estate sector, providing custom-made products such as doors, windows, and fixtures to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of buildings.

Metal Products

Premier manufacturer of high-quality metal products, offering a diverse range of custom-made solutions to meet the exact specifications of clients in various industries.

Gears & Conveyors

Specialized manufacturer of gears and conveyors, providing reliable solutions for industrial automation, with a focus on precision, durability, and efficient performance.

Rail & Metros

Leading manufacturing company for the rail & metro industry, offering cutting-edge engineering expertise & high-quality components to support the development of efficient & sustainable transportation

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